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Small But Mighty Seeds

Small but mighty, chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, minerals, and are a complete protein source.

Derived from a flowering plant in the mint family found in Mexico, chia seeds are known to reduce inflammation, boost gut health, speed up metabolism, and support heart health.

Nutritional Facts

2 Tablespoons

  • 140 Calories

  • 11 Grams of Fiber

  • 7 Grams of Unsaturated Fat

  • 18% of the Recommended Daily Value of Calcium

  • Trace Minerals Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, & Potassium

  • Omega 3s

  • 4.4 Grams of Protein

Try It Out

  • Add to Oatmeal, Cereal, or Yogurt

  • Make Chia Pudding

  • Bake into Baked Goods like Zucchini Bread & Muffins

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