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My Wellness Journey

Hi, I'm Lauren

and my own wellness journey has been a bumpy one.

I’ve battled with eating disorders, anxiety, control issues, imposter syndrome, negative thought patterns, binge eating, overworking, low self-esteem, stress-eating, burnout – you name it.

I’ve been 40 pounds overweight.

I’ve been 20 pounds underweight.

I’ve worked in corporate environments.

I’ve worked in startup environments.

I know what it’s like to attach your self-worth to a number on a scale.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a job, afraid to leave because of crippling imposter syndrome.


But after the dark comes the dawn.

My life experiences led me to discover healing modalities that have transformed my life in every way imaginable – from healing my relationship to my body and strengthening my relationships with family and friends, to building a relationship with Source.


My wellness practice has brought balance to my life and truly helped me manifest the life of my dreams – and it’s my soul mission to help others find their way back too.


I know you are amazing.

I know life can be painful.

I know these last few years have been hard.

I know it’s been tough to stay motivated.

And I know you deserve more.


So let me support you on your quest to discover what “more” can be and to live your best life.


My Credentials

Certified International Health Coach

International Association for Health Coaches (2022)

Certified Microdosing Practitioner

Axis Mundi (2022)


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2021)


Certificate of Transformation, 

Alive Abundance (2020)


Certificate of Transformation, 

Alive OS (2020)


Bachelor of Arts, 

Arizona State University (2007)

My Approach

Health is multidimensional and no one diet or lifestyle works for two people.

Each one of us has bio-individuality, meaning, we each have different needs and unique factors that support our health and happiness. What worked for your friends, might not work for you.


Through a holistic, integrative, and personalized approach, I’ll work closely with you to help identify and overcome areas of your life where you’re living out of alignment with your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.


Working with me you can expect to:


+ Build self-awareness of your feelings, mindsets, and behaviors.


+ Set effective and achievable goals.


+ Identify perceived barriers.


+ Understand and implement best practices to feel (and look) the healthiest you have ever been.


+ Stay accountable.


Are You Ready?

Let's do this!

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